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Bonus Scheme Calculator

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Why this helps You

Are you looking for greater results from your staff?

Could your business potential be fully reached if your employees were incentivized?

Imagine reaching new targets in your business as your staff all give a Team effort, driven to success through this easy-to-use tool!

This tool creates a winning situation for you, the employer, as well as your employees.
Be Fair – Reward all of your Team
Encourage Teamwork – No one wins if the Team doesn’t win!
Reward High Achievers – Those who go the extra mile for the company
Incentivise Your Entire Team – The greater the result, the greater the reward!

Be surprised by your Team as they reach above and beyond your targets!

Create a Team spirit today as you implement this Bonus Scheme!

About the product

Downloadable zipped folder
containing; 1x Microsoft Excel File, 1x Microsoft Word File
Microsoft Excel 2010, Microsoft Word 2010
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